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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 3, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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>> dicky: from >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- dolly parton. and from "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children," ella purnell. if now, look out -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and a [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. hey, we hey, we got -- i don't want to
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we've got to calm down because here in southern california, we're in the middle of what's called a heightened earthquake alert. true. it means the odds of a massive earthquake hitting us in the next day or two are as high as 1 in 11 in 11 in 100. or it could be 1 in 100 million. they've been telling us for years you can't predict an earthquake, now there's an alert all of a sudden. most of us ignore this stuff but some people are taking it seriously. in san bernardino they closed city hall fo t because of this earthquake alert. and because they're lazy. [ laughter ] chose city hall. that annoys me. i don't live there but -- you don't see businesses that have to turn a profit closing because of an earthquake alert. you don't see color me mine closing shop. they have a lot of stuff that would break in an earthquake. [ cheers and applause ] city hall, they're like, to hell
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for around here. as of friday, california now has an official state fabric. and that fabric is -- any decembers? guesses? our official state fabric is denim. governor governor jerry brown signed a bill making it official. they also to reflect the change. i know levi's is a big california business but i'm surprised they went with denim. i thought for sure our official state fabric would be yoga mat. or whatever the hell those lulu lemon pants are made out of. but they went with -- california's an interesting state. our state fabric is denim, our state bird, i don't know if you know this, is chuck norris. so he will never be dangered because he cannot be killed.
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california. cotton is still the fabric of our lives, okay? kim kardashian had a scary weekend. she was robbed at gunpoint yesterday after -- she went to dinner with her sister, she went back to the apartment she rents in paris. five gunmen pretending to be police officers forced the concierge to let them in, they tied him up, then they tied kim up with tape. they locked her in the bathroom. they made off with around $10 million worth of jewelry. the suspects are still at large. you have to wonder how is it somehow these guys found the one moment this decade that this woman wasn't surrounded by 40 people with cameras. and they took advantage of it. the mayor of paris says she has full confidence the police will catch the criminals. in the meantime i have a message for the bus-tards who did this, a message from the future vice president of the united states. have someone translate this for
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nonsense but you do not mess with kim kardashian west. whether you like her or not she is one of us. if we find out you harmed even a single extension on her people's choice award-winning head, we will find you and we will make you so les miserables you'd wish you'd never been born to a woman who doesn't shave her armpits. all right? [ cheers and applause ] we will take you up and we will lock you in a room and you know what we'll do, force you to with the kardashians" where kim's mother eats a big salad and complains about the maid in front of the maid over and over again. we'll knock those raspberry per berets off your heads and the curly moustaches off your snail-eating faces. we want that jewelry back and the criminals who took it prosecuted to the fullest action debt of the law. we'll have no choice but to send khloe over there, and when that
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spread it around. i believe right now ryan lochte is on the set of "dancing with the stars" praying that kim made the whole thing up. [ laughter ] in other reality star news, donald trump didn't have a great weekend either. he was in manheim, pennsylvania, on saturday where he insinuated that his opponent is unfaithful to her husband. >> hillary clinton's only loyalty is to her financial i don't even think she's loyal to bill, you want to know the truth. and really, and really, folks, really -- why should she be? right? why should she be? >> he even loses debates against himself. [ laughter ] and yet somehow -- [ applause ] somehow that wasn't the biggest donald trump story of the weekend. the big story is he might not
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xena warrior princess went on the air. the "new york times" got their hands on a tax document from 1995 which shows trump declared a $916 million loss that year which would have allowed him to avoid paying any income tax for 18 years. the documents were sent to the "times" from inside trump tower. the trump campaign said the "times" illegally obtained the documents and we all know how much donald trump hates hacking. so that's no good. [ laughter ] but still the trump isn't denying the authenticity of the forms which is remarkable. considering the fact that they deny almost everything. this morning they denied trump is running for president. [ laughter ] so it's quite a bombshell. wh trump is spinning it, pretending it's a badge of honor. this is what he tweeted. i know our complex tax laws better than anyone who's ever run for president and am the only one who can fix them,
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laws very well from trying to get around them. they should run with that and make a campaign ad out of it. >> i'm donald trump. only i know how to fix america, because i'm the one who broke it. only i know how to keep illegal immigrants out because i brought thousands of them in. to build my beautiful, successful trump tower. only i know how to cut ties with china. all my fantastic trump ties are cut in education? i opened a fake school. corruption? i buy and sell politicians like baseball cards. veteran health care? i got to dodge the draft because of a condition that could have been solved by a dr. shoel's. national debt? i went bankrupt six times. nobody has a record like that. nobody. when i am president, i will put together such an unbelievable team. you're going to be so happy with the team.
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o.j. simpson. treasury secretary bernie madoff. when it comes to transportation, you can trust chris christie to keep our roads and bridges running smoother than the all you can eat buffet at trump hotel and casino in atlantic city. which i personally drove into the ground to bring america's businesses back. i'm donald j. trump. i broke it, so i can fix it. >> >> paid for by money that was supposed to go to charity. >> jimmy: fortunately this scandal hasn't thrown trump off. he stayed on the campaign trail and more significantly managed to stay on message. >> people in negotiating and owners of companies are negotiating to move your companies out to mexico and other places. you watch. and it's getting worse. it's not getting better, it's getting worse. and you're unsuspecting. right now you say, let's go to a movie after trump. but you won't do that because
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that no movie's going to satisfy you, okay? no movie. you know why? honestly? because they don't make movies like they used to. is that right? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i think we might need to go through that word by word. let's go to the chalkboard here. [ cheers and applause ] here's what he said. people are negotiating and negotiating to move your companies out to mexico and other places. you watch. and it's getting worse. it's not getting better. it's getting worse. and you're unsuspecting. right now you say to your wife, let's go to a movie after trump. but you won't do that because you'll be so high and so excited that no movie is going to satisfy you. okay? no movie.
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honestly, because they don't make movies like they used to. is that right [ cheers and applause ] i don't know i don't know, i don't know if it's right. let me think. was "bridget jones's baby" better than "bridget jones's diary"? no, i don't think it was, donald trump might have a point. they don't make movies like they used to. i'll tell you something, mexico is going to pay for it! am i >> guillermo: sure, whatever. >> jimmy: all right, all right. let's take a break. guillermo and i will show you what we did this weekend. it does not involve chalkboards. stick around, we'll be right back. [ cheers and appuse ] ? ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ?
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>> jimmy: hi, >> jimmy: hi, there. ella purnell and dolly parton is on the way. over the weekend we had a yard scale for charity. we brought all our stuff, emptied the closets at the show, brought it to the back parking lot. costumes, props, furniture, stuff from my office, stuff from my house. all proceeds went to a great cause, the donald j. trump foundation. actually, we did this through an organization we found to honor my late uncle frank. it 8:00 a.m. guillermo, cousin sal and i were there. ? ? >> sal: we've been on the air for how long? >> guillermo: like 14 years. >> jimmy: we have so much crap jammed into our building. we decide wed would sell it for charity for my friend's place, part of the uncle frank helping hand foundation. this is a great item.
11:51 pm
i at one point planned to drop this on the lawn of george's house because he lived on my block, but he moved, so here it is for sale for charity. let's see what else we have. can i tell you all of these things came from the closet in my office? >> really? >> jimmy: yeah, this is my alarm clock. >> really? >> jimmy: which i don't use anymore. you know, great conversation starter. oh, this is something i bought once and never used. this prints out little -- >> the pictures. >> jimmy: yeah. it's a personal photo >> i want to buy something you've actually used. >> jimmy: i almost used that. i took it out of the box. >> almost. >> jimmy: yeah. this maybes me sad because some of these are my shoes. it just goes to show you. you don't have your shoes forever. >> sal: this is sold. sorry. this is already sold. >> okay.
11:52 pm
>> jimmy: how you doing? >> good, how are you? >> jimmy: what do you have there? >> i have a wig. >> jimmy: it's similar to our own actual hair. >> you think so? >> jimmy: well, kind of, yeah. gary, no! >> i've only got three things. >> jimmy: the reason we have a lot of this crap is because of that guy right there. who i wouldn't even describe hem as a hoarder. maybe we can get a shot of his what this man is up to. what is that, gary? >> this is a gift cardigan. >> jimmy: whose idea was this originally? >> it was mine. >> jimmy: yeah. it was gary's idea. now he's buying his own ideas. have you read that book? >> not yet, i want to. >> jimmy: it's a great read. he signed it too. >> no, really? >> jimmy: i'll show you, hold
11:53 pm
donnie t. donnie t. so there you go. >> bargain. >> sal: this is sold already, thank you. >> jimmy: "dancing with the stars"? the mirrored ball they make a big deal out of? we're selling it here for 40 bucks. hey, i see somebody. are you interested? >> i love "dancing with the stars." >> jimmy: you love "dancing with the stars"? >> i sure do. >> jimmy: you realize this is the arthur won when she was a contestant on "dancing with the stars." >> bea arthur? >> jimmy: then she passed away and left the ball to us. >> wow. >> jimmy: $40. would you like to buy it? >> i'm taking it. >> jimmy: do you know how to do the paso doble? >> no, i don't think so. >> jimmy: see that? isn't this nice? you can do this at home. right? what are you guys going to do with this? >> it's for my bedroom. >> jimmy: your bedroom, that will be nice.
11:54 pm
>> you like ice cream? >> jimmy: love it. ice cream and sex party? yes, i got it. well, enjoy. >> thank you. >> jimmy: let me know how i did. >> okay. >> jimmy: can i have a picture? >> get in there. >> oh, wow! >> guillermo: oh! sorry, sorry, sorry! >> jimmy: what's happening? what is this? are you buying this? >> i'm buying this. >> jimmy: you want to know the story behind this is? this is a true story. >> okay. >> jimmy: so i sent my parents and as a gift, they got me this. and i hated it. and assumed that it was sent all the way from italy that they bought it there in italy. turns out my mother bought it at stein mart around the corner from her house but i didn't know this. for two years i kept it displayed in my home. now it will be in your home. >> okay. >> jimmy: and even more importantly, my mother will be very angry when she sees this. these are really like -- this is
11:55 pm
i think scarlett johansson right here -- this is a pervert's dream come true. are you in the market for belts? >> actually, i bought a lot of stuff and this is the second time i'm coming in. >> jimmy: hey, are you a pervert? i mean, are you a pervert? okay, i wanted to show you something real quick here. these are costumes actually worn by the likes of zoe saldana. we did somet hottie body hump club. scarlett johansson wore these shoes and wore this outfit. >> okay. >> jimmy: you may want to take that home. >> not really. >> jimmy: okay. just the belt will be enough? >> belt and some dvds. >> jimmy: belt and some dvds, that's all you need, right. one of our producers is a guy names jason, about this big, he's a tiny little guy. he's hairy all over, he's got as much hair as a normal-sized person would have, but just kind
11:56 pm
guy. so once he -- i don't know, he said something nasty, i called him a grubby little cupcake, then made him dress as a cupcake and dance on "the view." >> sal: sorry >> sal: sorry this is sold. it's sold. >> hold on -- >> sal: we sold it. see that yellow sticker? it's sold. i'll take it, thank you, thank you. security! jerk. >> jimmy: remember that story about the cupcake costume? that's him. good to see you. thanks everyone for coming out. this was great. you look great by the way. this is what you wear on the weekends? >> we got soccer this morning. >> jimmy: all right, a soccer player there. thanks to uncle frank helping hand foundation. thanks to my friend's place. support them. and thanks to our grubby little cupcake.
11:57 pm
>> jimmy: ther >> jimmy: there he is right there. we have a good show. el purnell is here. be right back with dolly parton, so stick around! >> dicky: portions of jimmy kimmel live are brought to you by hulu. come tv with us. ? ? ? only those who dare drive the world forward.
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>> jimmy: hi, >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome back. tonight from "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children," which was the number one movie at the box office this weekend, ella purnell is here. [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow night on the show, billy bob thornton, kristen chenoweth, and comedian ryan donahue. and later this week, zach galifianakis, martin lawrence, and music fm gary clark jr. join us for all of that too. our first guest is an enormously talented and influential musician who has inspired singers, songwriters, and wig manufacturers all around the world. her latest called "pure and simple" debuted at number one on the country music chart. please welcome dolly parton. [ cheers and a [ cheers and applause ]
12:03 am
>> jimmy: i >> jimmy: i finally -- after many, many years of doing the show i finally feel like a real talk show host because you are here. because i just remember how great you were on johnny carson and then how charming and talented and all that stuff. now you're right here before me. >> i am, everybody said you've got to be on jimmy's sh together. here i am. >> jimmy: here you are. >> i'm glad to be here. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: congratulations on your first number one album in 25 years. [ cheers and applause ] >> always good to be number one. this is my pure and simple outfit. i want you to know i'm not smuggling matt damon in here. >> jimmy: good, we won't have that happen again. what do you attribute -- i think
12:04 am
you just kind of have these resurgences. i think you've had a couple of them in your life. suddenly people go, oh, yeah, we love dolly parton, let's buy that along bum. >> i've been around along time. i've been in the business over 50 years. >> jimmy: wow. >> i never let up. i'm always behind the scenes working. any time they always say, dolly makes a comeback, i think, where'd i go? i thought i was still here. i love what i do, i love the people. people feel like they've grown up with me, that i'm a sister or a favorite aunt or someth come along with me. i'm glad they're still with me. >> jimmy: you had two sold-out shows at the hollywood bowl over the weekend. >> great time. >> jimmy: isn't that one of the greatest places? >> it is. i love it and it's having all these -- great energy. the people, a lot of people i work with around here. >> jimmy: we see a lot of the industry people. >> yeah, my doctors. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: they all hit you up for tickets? >> i told them, i'm a self-made woman and i've got the doctor bills to prove it.
12:05 am
wave at you in the audience. >> jimmy: there are people who dress up like you and come to the concert. >> do they ever, yeah. >> jimmy: is that weird? >> it's fun. i'm used to it. i have a huge gay following. >> jimmy: same here. [ laughter ] >> i'm proud of them. i see so many drag queens out there. i see so many girls that look more like me than i do. [ laughter ] when i see them out there i start doing -- instead of jolene i do "drag queen drag queen don't take my man." we have fun. >> jimmy: when did you notice that happen, that you had a big gay following? what year did that kind of happen? >> years ago, back in the '80s when i started noticing that. i noticed it more out here, san francisco. they would kind of come to these little clubs that i was at. >> jimmy: right. >> and see them all dressing up. even when i was wearing all my gaudy -- gaudier clothes -- [ laughter ] cheaper gaud, you know.
12:06 am
all you've got to have is a stuffed bra and a cheap wig. [ laughter ] i've done it all these years. >> jimmy: you think laziness may have played a part in this? >> maybe. it's always a compliment. >> jimmy: speaking of people dressing like you, this is a great photograph. we're not sure whether this is bill or hillary's birthday but that's hillary clinton dressed up as you. >> well, that is a compliment? >> jimmy: look at bill. he looks like he's ready to get the lasso out. [ laughter ] >> i know a lot of good oel boys look like him. that's sweet. looks like a long time ago. >> jimmy: looks like bill would like to revisit that particular scenario. i know you've been given many, many honors. but one of the honors you've been given which i think is like the best one you could get is a statue. tell us where this statue is. >> that is in the courthouse of sevier, tennessee, our county
12:07 am
they put that up years and years ago. the kids took up money and did that. and i thought that was a great honor. >> jimmy: that's pretty great. >> it is. >> jimmy: and this is made of -- i assume iron? >> it's bronze. >> jimmy: bronze, okay. >> bronze and rock and i had no shoes on there. >> jimmy: did you pose for this? >> i did, yeah. i did. back then. but i haven't had my shoes off since then. [ laughter ] ? the weird thing about statues is the hairstyle can never change, i know. they don't look like you, look like other people. can i tell you a story? my dad, i loved my dad to death, he's gone now. my dad was a real country person, drove a pickup truck, had a rifle in the back, always had a tag that said dolly parton for president. even back then. but anyway. after my dad died, one of my brothers told me that daddy used to put a big bucket, a big drum of soapy water and broom in the back of his truck. late at night he'd go down to
12:08 am
pigeon poop off. >> jimmy: wow. >> isn't that the sweetest thing? >> jimmy: that is very cute. >> i know. it touched me. [ cheers and applause ] of course i'm of course i'm sure my daddy's gone but the pigeons are still there. i'm not sure who's doing that now. >> jimmy: maybe your brothers could grab that rifle and get rid of those pigeons. >> that was a sweet thing. >> jimmy: you have a very big family. >> yeah, there's 12 of us kids. >> how many of them work at >> jimmy: is that why you came up with the idea for dollywood, just to put -- pncht i have to pay them anyway, might as well put them to work. actually my people -- my mother's people are musical. a lot of my dad's. but a lot of my family work at different things. so now a lot of them work there on park. they have the dolly parton story there. a lot of my brothers and sisters, cousins, work in it. i have ones working in different parts. >> what happens when you show up
12:09 am
is it like when mickey mouse is at disneyland? you sign autographs, that sort of thing? >> yeah, we actually -- i go several times a year. we have different shows on the park. and i walk out, they know my routine, they know several songs. so i go out with whoever's performing and sing a song or two. get on the stage with my family. and then we have a little parade that we ride through the park. it's an antique-looking car the dewitt. i ride on that. we go all the way through the park. so i say hi to >> jimmy: you say hi to everybody, that's going to make everybody freak out. was that your idea to build this theme park? >> yes. years ago i thought, if i do make it, i want to go back and do something great to bring honor to my dad. just something for my family. so i had this idea years ago. i talked about it on the barbara walters show i think in '83. and so i opened it in '86. my businesspeople were not for it. they thought i was losing my mind.
12:10 am
so i fired them. [ laughter ] got some new people. it worked out really good. >> jimmy: do you go on the rides when you're there? >> no. >> jimmy: no, no. >> no, i got too much to lose. my abs spill out. >> jimmy: dolly parton, this is her album "pure and simple." be right back! [ cheers and applause ] ? f like, wiped everything clean. my teeth are glowing. they look great. they are so white. crest hd 6x cleaning. 6x whitening. and at two weeks, superior sensitivity relief to the leading sensitivity toothpaste. i actually really like the two steps! crest hd step 1 cleans, step 2 whitens. it's the whole package. no one's done this.
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come in today and save. the fall savings event is on now, at havertys. life looks good. >> jimmy: >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome back. dolly parton is going to sing for us later on. this is the album. where was this photograph taken? >> this was in the backyard of steve does my companies soups. he had a great little house, a creek running by. we thought, pure and simple, food location. >> jimmy: "pure and simple" represents what, exactly? >> actually, on tour, we kind of scaled down the band. >> jimmy: right. >> i just have a few pieces on stage. and i just tell stories and do the songs. >> jimmy: how did you decide which pieces of the band stayed home? [ laughter ] >> well, actually, we have just a little drum set. i actually was going to have a drummer.
12:17 am
doing a show called "pure and simple" he said, good, does this mean you're going to get rid of those gaudy wigs, makeup and rhinestones, tear it down, really do basic stuff? i said, you're fired. [ laughter ] how can i sing without my makeup? but anyway. seriously, we just have -- he's back in nashville trying to take a five-inch heel out of his mout favorite dolly parton album. >> it's just a few of us on stage. >> jimmy: you have a tv movie in december on nbc. >> yes. >> jimmy: and also at the cmas. this is the 50th anniversary of the cmas. you are getting the willie nelson lifetime achievement award. [ cheers and applause ] >> i just heard about that. >> jimmy: kind of funny. because i feel like willie nelson just as easily could be getting the dolly parton lifetime achievement award. >> maybe they'll have that next
12:18 am
ways. >> jimmy: how far? >> all the way to 1964 when i moved to nashville. willie and i got to town about the same time. we both wrote for combine music. and monument records. we recorded with fred foster. we used to write songs. willie had no beard, short hair, looked like a schoolteacher. he's such a great writer. he's so hard to sing with. >> jimmy: why is he hard to sing with? >> his phrasing is so different. it's like you can't keep up with him. >> jimmy: >> he does. we did a duet of a song i wrote called "here to the moon and back." he put his vocal down first. september sent it to me to the studio in nashville to do my part. trying to sing with him? i was everywhere. i called him up, willie, send me some of that grass you're smoking, because i can't follow you. [ laughter ] i've got to get where you are, i don't know where you went writ my song so take me there.
12:19 am
willie's bus, if you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you have. >> on stage i talk about -- i do a little segment where i do the old controversial songs. "blowing in the wind." the songs from the war. and i talk about the show "hair." broadway show. they wanted me to go and i said, no, if i want to hear a bunch of people singing, getting naked, smoking marijuana, i'll just go visit willie on the bus. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: thank you so much for coming. bit later. >> i am. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: "pure and simple." it's number one. dolly parson is here with us. we'll be right back! an opening night on broadway is kind of magic. i'm beowulf boritt and i'm a broadway set designer. when i started designing a bronx tale: the musical, i came up... ...with this idea of four towers that were fire escapes... ...essentially. i'll build a little model in photoshop and add these... ...details in with a pen.
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>> jimmy: w >> jimmy: welcome back. still to come, music from dolly parton. our next guest comes to us from london, england. she is the star of the very tim burton-y new tim burton movie "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children." ?
12:25 am
? ? >> jimmy: miss peregrine's home for peculiar chirp" is theaters now. please welcome ella purnell! a [ cheers and applause ] ? thank you for thank you for coming. was that real swimming? >> it was real. mostly real. i couldn't swim before i did this movie. >> jimmy: you couldn't? >> i had to practice that. no. >> jimmy: really? did you lie on the resume and say you could?
12:26 am
me. they literally threw me in the deep end. >> jimmy: was that room built to swim in? >> yes. so it's like a big tank in pinewood. you have no sense of depth, it's all green. you can vaguely hear someone talking in the water. >> jimmy: who would you hear talking, the director? >> sometimes tim. sometimes it would be the stunt director. >> jimmy: that's weird. to act underwater. >> it is. me and asa both wore contact lenses so we literally see, we had to take them out, the blind leading the blind. >> jimmy: you took your contact lenses out under water? >> i had to, yeah. >> jimmy: i would swim with contacts no problem. but i'm of a different stock, american stock, it's a hardier stock. >> it is. i agree with that. >> jimmy: i was just throwing that out there to see how you reacted. but thank you. thank you, and by the way, you made the right decision. these people, we can be animals when we feel we've been insulted. so do you live in l.a. now? >> i do not. i cannot drive.
12:27 am
not being in l.a. >> jimmy: that's a problem. do you uber? >> i do uber. i uber pool. >> jimmy: you don't even know how to swim and you're in the uber pool, huh? you shouldn't be uber -- >> i love uber pool, don't bash it. you meet cool people. >> jimmy: do you really? >> yeah. i learned so much. >> jimmy: name one person you met in the uber pool. >> meredith. >> jimmy: really? you made that up? >> no, she was my driver. she was the one that we became good friends. >> you had an uber driver named meredith? no, you got in somebody's mom's carpool. [ laughter ] did she drop people off at school? were the people this tall? >> now you've said it, i am thinking. >> jimmy: that's crazy. >> it's a good experience. >> jimmy: you know meredith. >> i know meredith now, exactly. i've been taught so much about american history. >> jimmy: what have you learned in the uber pool? >> nothing, i don't listen.
12:28 am
>> jimmy: wow. >> thanks. >> that's a really strange thing to do. yeah. well, you know -- you need a friend here to teach you not to do things like that. >> maybe you could help. >> jimmy: i will. i'm going to write a list of dos and do nots and uber pool is on the do not list. get in the car yourself. if you have to ride in the trunk to be alone, do it. do you understand what i'm saying? >> yes. >> jimmy: okay, very good. where did you live in london? what part of london? >> east london which is -- brooklyn of england. of how -- that's kind of like the cool, arty, creative area. >> jimmy: hipster kind of thing, yeah. >> i didn't want to use that word. >> jimmy: it's okay. then at one point was that kind of a downtrodden area? >> yeah. i mean, east london is cool. it's like we have a lot of graffiti. i call it artwork. some people call it graffiti. a lot of -- yeah, there's a lot of cool, crazy people living in east london. >> jimmy: do you have your own place? or do you live with your family?
12:29 am
and my stepdad. and i'm not going to move out no matter how many times they ask me. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do they ask you? >> all the time. >> jimmy: they want you to move out? >> today again. it's not going to happen. >> jimmy: they call you long distance to tell you not to come home? >> all the time. hey, hope you're having a good time, don't come back. i love living a the home. >> jimmy: keep riding in uber pool, you might not. >> at least we have that. >> jimmy: you're very young, how old are you? >> 20. >> jimmy: did you burton's work? >> yeah, of course, of course. i grew up watching his movies. i'm sort of less betelgeuse and more alice in wonderland, edward scissorhands era. no i used to be -- i still do have posters of his movies and articles about him on my wall. >> jimmy: you do? >> i know that's creepy. >> jimmy: no, it's not. >> i'm a big fan. >> jimmy: did you tell him this? >> no, i wanted to keep my cool,
12:30 am
>> jimmy: must have worked. you told him afterwards? you decided, i no longer need to be cool? >> no, he still doesn't know. >> jimmy: he still doesn't know? >> i stare at his face every night before i go to bed. good night, tim. >> jimmy: you really do need to move out, it's time. >> yeah. live live [ laughter ] >> jimmy: congratulations. and congratulations on the movie. and on surviving all your carpools and all that stuff. ella purnell, everybody. herov home for peculiar children." we'll be right back with dolly parton! >> dikcy: the >> dikcy: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is brought to you by new crown royal vanilla whiskey.
12:32 am
>> dicky: th >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is brought to you by new crown royal vanilla whiskey. vanilla so good. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank ella purnell and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. nightline is next but first, her album is called "pure and simple," here with the song "outside your door,"
12:33 am
? ? ? mmmm darlin' i'm outside your door knowin' you'll ? ? welcome me in don't have to knock twice it feels so ri it feels so right bein' here with you again ? ? might not be the right thing to do but i swear it doesn't feel wrong ? ? might not be forever but never say never i'm standin' outside of your door ? ? i guess i s ? i guess i should feel cheap but i just can't keep my mind and my hands off of you ?
12:34 am
love is so far above anything i ever knew so here i am ? ? i'm outside ? i'm outside your door your door your door knowin' what's waitin' inside ? ? heaven on earth and for all at we'll be here til we're both satisfied ? ? two bottles of wine one white and one red few drinks to unwind and then be off to bed ? ? we can't fight this passion no need to pretend and oh yes ? ? i'll be outside your door again darlin'
12:35 am
? and i know you welcome me in don't have to knock twice ? ? it feels so right just bein' here with you again yeah ? ? i'm standin' outside of your door once more and i know you'll ? ? welcome me in do do do do do dooh mm mm mm mm mmm don't have to ? ? knock twice it feels so rightsi standin' outside of your door ? [ cheers and [ cheers and applause ] >> are we read >> are we ready?
12:36 am
? tumble outta bed and i stumble to the kitchen pour myself a cup ? ? of ambition and yawn and stretch and try to come to life jump in the shower ? ? and the blood starts pumpin' out on the street the traffic starts jumpin' ? ? the folks like me on the job from nine to five workin' nine to five ? ? what a way to make a livin' barely gettin' by it's all takin' ? ? and no givin' and they never give you credit ? ? it's enough to drive you crazy if you let it ? ? nine to five for service and devotion you would think that i would deserve a ? ? fat promotion want to move ahead but the boss won't seem to let me ? ? i swear sometimes that man is out to get me
12:37 am
? they let you dream ? this is "n this is "nightline." >> tonight, kim kardashian west reportedly robbed at gunpoint in paris. authorities say she was tied up and begging for her life. the attackers breaking into her hotel room, leaving with more than $10 million including a multi-million dollar ring she showed off on instagram just days before. her husband kanye west cutting his concert short upon hearing the news. did security drop the ball here? plus, some brilliant dodge. >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit. >> donald trump patting himself on the back for possibly paying no personal income taxes for up to 18 years. hillary clinton pouncing on the announcement. >> it seems he was contributing


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